Turnings for Sunday, July 25th
Here are some miscellaneous turnings for Sunday, June 25th. It has been a while since I've felt like running the lathe, mostly due to high temperatures and humidity for the past few weeks. One day I'll have an environmentally controlled workshop. I started off turning a small bowl out of what I'll call "mystery wood". I had a friend borrow my chain saw to take down a dying tree, and I salvaged some of the wood from trunk. I'm not certain what species it was, and I am not good at identifying based on bark yet. It was a very 'woolly' wood. It had very bad tear out and took just as much time sanding as it did turning. The end result is a small dish/bowl, about 4.5" in diameter, and about 1.75" high. It is still a little green (wet), so I am not entirely sure if it will stay intact or develop a check at some point, we shall see. I also setup and turned two new Yo-Yos this afternoon. I purchased a nice (albeit expensive) piece of Honduran Rosewood recently. It's a very dense wood with striking knots and grain patterns. The two Yo-Yos both feature chrome plated hardware and steel sleeve bearings. Both are finished with a light coat of danish oil followed by high speed buffing with tripoli, white diamond and carnauba. The convex, or traditional style yo-yo weighs in at 94 grams and is 2 3/8" in diameter. The concave profile yo-yo weighs in at a whopping 109 grams and is 2 5/16" in diameter. The yo-yos are destined to be listed at my Etsy Account, and the bowl will probably age for a bit on my shelf to make sure it does not split in two.