Some turnings for Labor Day Weekend
Black Enamel Comfort Set with OsageGold Executive Set with TambotiChrome and Satin Wall Street II with EbonyPlatinum Atlas with EbonyHere are a few turnings from Labor Day weekend. From left to right, The first is an Atlas/Polaris style ballpoint twist pen with platinum plated hardware and Ebony dressing. The second pen is a Wall Street II Stain/Chrome plated ballpoint twist pen also with Ebony. The Ebony actually has quite a bit of depth to it, but it's very subtle and my light box setup tends to drown out the hints of brown grain that run through it. The next is a pen and pencil set. The style is called Executive and the hardware is 24k gold plated. Th e wood is called Tamboti, a South African hardwood with distinctive dark veining. Both pen and pencil are twist mechanisms. The last set is a Comfort Style black enamel plated twist ballpoint pen and click pencil set. The wood is Argentina Osage which polishes to a very nice glow.