Turnings for November 18th
A few turnings for today, first we have a segmented classic fountain pen with gold and black hardware dressed in African Blackwood and Purpleheart. The cuts were made on my band saw rather then the miter saw I normally use since it does not have the kerf of the miter saw. I am still learning to use the band saw, so the cuts were not as clean as I would have liked. The oils in the Blackwood proved to be challenging as well, even with epoxy it was a bear to get it to stick together. Next is a simple chrome slim style pen with a dyed tiger maple. I wanted to try this, but the only dye/tint I had was a green. It still turned out pretty nice and has some really interesting patterns. The third pen is a gold slim style with Cocobolo. This was a commission for a co-worker who likes the look of that wood. The last is a European style blue and white acrylic swirl with platinum hardware. This is very close to the style of the first acrylic I ever turned. I really like that pattern and wanted to cut another one now that my skills have improved.