European and Designer Style will have a twist mechanism and are turned with a longer lower barrel and a bullet profile. These pens come in a variety of hardware including gold, platinum, titanium, chrome and black enamel. Pens can be turned from solid hardwood, stacked cuts, or acrylic. Follow this link to my image gallery of pens I have turned.
Slim style pens will have a matched upper and lower barrel length. The hardware will also have a smaller outside diameter which produces a lighter and thiner writing instrument. Hardware kits come in a variety of colors and finishes (gold, satin, chrome, black enamel, etc.). These pens are ideal for solid and stacked configurations. Follow this link to my gallery of slim style pens.
Classic screw cap fountain pens are here. The cap screws on at both ends for added comfort while writing. These use standard puncture style ink cartridges or it's reverse ink pump which can be refilled. Follow this link to my gallery of fountain pens.
Miscellaneous Pens and Pencils, as well as hair sticks and other things round. I have been experimenting with hair sticks made of oak and mahogany, as well as some very interesting mechanical sketch pencils.