Turnings for June 8th, 2010
And just like that, hot and humid weather hits Northwest Ohio. With proper fan setup, turning and other miscellaneous woodworking is still manageable. Here are some turnings I worked on this past weekend. From left to right, the first pen is a 2-way Tech pen style, allowing for two different cartridges to be loaded at once. BY twisting one way or the other, either cartridge is extended. The kit comes with black and red ballpoints, and a plastic stylus for PDAs or smartphones. The pen is plated in 24kt gold and outfitted in green burl acrylic. The acrylic is turned at low speeds and polished using micro mesh to 12k grit. This is actually a personal pen since I misplaced my original Tech pen a week ago. Whoever finds it will certainly have a nice pen to hold on to. The next few pens are a different style called Vertex. They are gunmetal plated and feature a ballpoint click mechanism. The cartridge is a Parker style refill and should accept gel writer cartridges as an alternative. The first of the Vertex pens is dressed in emerald acrylic and finished similar to the Tech pen. The second Vertex pen is dressed in Bolivian Rosewood and finished using a CA/BLO topcoat then polished using tripoli/white diamond/carnauba high speed buffing to produce a very nice and durable gloss finish. The next two items are standard profile yo-yos with steel sleeve bearings and either gold or chrome hardware. The first is Marblewood, while the second is Bolivian Rosewood. The second yo yo tragically has a flaw on the opposite side. I was being careless when assembling and dented the gold plating. I think trying to repair it would only serve to make it worse, so I think this is going to be my show-n-tell model. Both are exceptionally well balanced and should be good for tricks or display (bad side down on the Rosewood model of course).